Try These 5 simple Core Exercises to Tighten Your Abs at the Best Gym in Gainesville

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Frustrated because you are not seeing any results from doing a hundred abs crunches and situps every day? Then you may be going about it all wrong!  At YouFit, the best gym in Gainesville, our personal trainers can help you formulate a plan for toning every part of your body so that you can meet your fitness goals sooner than later. Sticking with any exercise program can sometimes be exhausting, especially if you have been exercising on and off and seeing very little result for your effort. If you’re feeling like you’ll never find the right exercise to strengthen your core and tighten your abs, then think again. At Youfit, the best gym in Gainesville, our personal trainers are committed to helping you develop an abdominal strengthening plan that really works. 

Read on for advice on how to strengthen your core and more 

To many fitness enthusiasts, core strength is everything. When your core is strong everything in life seems easier, from carrying packages to lugging your little one up and down a flight of stairs. It seems like you have more energy and strength to do the simplest tasks throughout your busy day. Luckily, the personal trainers at Youfit, the best gym in Gainesville, can tailor a fitness program just for you that can help you tone up and increase core strength at the same time. If you’re just beginning, then you might want to modify some of these exercises to go at your own pace.  But in the meantime, here are a few core exercises when done regularly are guaranteed to tighten up your abs: 

1.Bird dog – This exercise engages your core and held with balance. Start on all fours hands placed directly beneath your shoulders, hips in line with knees. Lift your right arm and extend it in front and kick left leg straight out and hold position. Return to start and do the same with left arm and right leg. Do 5 reps on each side for maximum results. 

2.Belly Leg Reach – Lie on your back with knees bent to 90 degrees and place hands behind your head. Pull your abs in while you maintain neutral spine. Keeping knees stacked over hips, lift shoulders neck and head and hold for 5 seconds. Next extend legs to 45 degrees; hold for 3-5 seconds while squeezing lower abdomen. Do 10 to start off slowly and if you feel up to it, repeat. 

3. Bicycle Crunch – Note– this is a little harder than a situp so it’s a little more challenging. Start in a sitting position with knees bent. Bring your right knee and left elbow together with a simple twist. Now return to center and complete the movement using the left knee and right elbow. Do this for one minute straight and repeat. 

4.Basic Plank – this basic core exercise works every muscle and builds strength. It’s a bit like a pushup but actually easier.  Lying face down on the ground proceed to prop yourself up on your elbows. Make sure your elbows are aligned underneath your shoulders, and clasp your hands together. Squeeze your abdomen and glutes.  Hold for 20 seconds per set. 

To make your exercise routine a bit more challenging, why not ask one of our staff or personal trainers at Youfit, the best gym in Gainesville, to come up with options for strengthening, training and toning. Remember, consistency, and dedication to your health and fitness goal is the key to your success. At Youfit, there is a something here for everyone and for every level of fitness. Call us today for more information about our classes and what we offer in general. You can find us in Gainesville conveniently located on 34th Street. Why not give the gift of health to someone you love with a Youfit membership!